Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28....The Best Day of 2003!

Bryna Mae Payne....
you came into this world weak and fragile, 
and we weren't sure if we would take you home.
I spent the first 8 days of your life 
on my knees in prayer
for my baby girl!  
Look at you now!
You spent the first year of your life
in and out of the doctor's office....always needing oxygen!
Look at you now!
You were named for your circumstance at birth....
Bryna means "HOPE"!
Your middle name comes from
two of your great grandmothers...
your daddy's Granny and your mommy's Mamaw!

You are vibrant and joyful 
and full of life!
You are tough as nails and sweet as pie!
You are happy and kind and a little fiesty!
You are my most challenging child and my most affectionate child!
You look just like your daddy and are smart as a whip!
You dance and sing your way through the day
and live in your own fairy tale.  
You are a talented musician, dancer, and writer.
You always tell me you want to be just like me
when you grow up....well guess what....
I want to be just like you 
when I grow up!
I adore you!  My heart is yours!
Happy Birthday B-Nut!

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