Friday, September 21, 2012


I had a nice night with some super d duper ladies tonight at church.  We gathered for the women's minisitry, ate, chatted, ate, listened to the speaker, ate, took notes, ate, teared was good.  I'm going to the Women of Faith conference this weekend, and although I keep thinking up reasons why I shouldn't be going....too much going on, I'll miss this and this, NPayne will have to get a sitter, who is going to do the chores and laundry, and the list goes on and on....I know God wants me there.  I know He has something specifically for me.  I'm giddy with excitement waiting to hear what it is.  I've had some uncertainty about many things lately, and I'm doing my best to be still and listen for his direction.  I'm thankful that He is there to guide I just hope I'm strong enough, brave enough, smart enough, obedient enough....whatever I need to be enough of to follow!

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