Saturday, September 8, 2012


I'm sad to say that we will not be going through with our original remodel plans....sigh!  I was looking so forward to having an organized, junk free, COMPLETE house more than I have been looking forward to anything in a loooooong time; but........  I am looking for a handyman, contractor, do it aller, who can do many of the projects/home improvements; but we won't be getting the big stuff foundation work, no exterior paint, no add-on re-do, no add-on period (can you say BUMMER....I was so looking forward to a master bathroom and laundry room).   I am going to move our laundry area to the breezeway area near our garage, so we won't have laundry all over our living room; but the temperature and condition of that area is going to make doing laundry a little challenging.  I am planning on a "family closet" out in that area as well.  Have you seen the Duggars' family closet?  It's awesome!   I'll make it work.  After all I only have five kids...they have 19 and counting.  We will be getting our 2 bathrooms finished out, and our kitchen finished new cabinets, but a new floor, range, counter top and sink!  No outdoor pool, but at least we will have a new fence.  And we will have our dining room floor re-done....of course I may end up doing that myself!  Unfortunately for NPayne....his weekends are about to be spent WORKING....bye bye football watching!   But we will have the rooms and floors repainted and all of the trim finished out.  I'm thinking about the built in in our living room and not sure what I'm going to do family might come home to a surprise one day.  The money I'm making working full time is going to come in quite handy.....over these next several months, it will ALL be used on home improvements; but at least it will be finished.  I'm not sure how that foundation and exterior paint will ever get done.  Foundation work is way out of our league, and I think painting our exterior is way too big and time consuming for us!  I am ready to go and hopefully will start week after next....bathrooms first?  kitchen first?  fence first?  Probably the fence first.  So if I don't invite you over for a while, you'll know why.  No guests until it's all wouldn't want to be around all of the chaos anyway!  The house won't be done the way I had envisioned, and it may fall down in a few years but....I'm thankful we have a place big enough for us all!

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