Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I was driving Drew to her friend's house today, and we were chatting.  Not about anything in particular...just chatting.  Then she told me something that made me kind of sad and a little bit angry. When she was in elementary school, one of the teachers assigned her a project. She researched the project and turned in a very well done and complete assignment.  What the teacher did is what made me angry.  She told Drew that there was no way a student her age could have done a project like that all on her own.  The vocabulary was too advanced for someone her age. She accused her of "stealing" it from the internet.  But because it was good, she would would accept it.  What Drew told me next is what made me sad.  She said for years and years after that, she dumbed down her writing; so she wouldn't be accused of "stealing" from the internet again.  It wasn't until recently that she has embraced her great gift of writing.  I advised Drew to try to stick up for her work in the future and maybe if that ever happens again, she can ask the teacher to show her where she thinks she "stole" it from on the internet.  Then she can assure the teacher that she can give meaning to her work and the vocabulary she used.  Honestly I don't think she should have to defend herself.  If it's her work, it's hers...plain and simple.  Because she has a wide vocabulary, she was ridiculed; and that has impacted her learning for all these years since that day.  Remember before accusing someone of something, maybe ask them about the situation first.  Now there's a thought.  Unfortunately that same teacher is still at our elementary school.  I hope that never occurs with one of my other girls...that teacher might be greeted by a MAMA BEAR!

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