Tuesday, July 22, 2014

There Was A Time When I Never Picked Her Up Again....

I'm walking out of the library with Callahan and Elliot, after watching Elli sign the back of her new library card and feeling a little verklempt, when I receive this text from Addison:
"Have you realized that there was a moment you put me down as a child and never picked me up again?"
My heart immediately skipped a beat and sank into my stomach when I read it, and I immediately replied with:
"WHAT? You're making me nervous".... wondering if she is sad that I never picked her up again?  Did she remember that day?  Was her heart broken?  She then replied:
"There was a moment when you put me down and never picked me up again."  UGH...I thought...I don't want to think about this right now...as you approach your senior year...and I am missing my mama so badly and just watched my baby girl sign her library card.
I replied:
"What are you saying?  I don't like that thought."
"Because I was too big."
"I know what it means.  I'm just not really crazy about that idea."
"I'm just saying it's weird."
"Girl...you don't have to tell me that.  Believe me I'm grateful you have grown and are healthy, but it's bittersweet; because time has gone by so fast.  You grew up good, and I'm thankful."
Then her last reply made my knees buckle:
"Keep on holding Elli while you can....(if you can)."
Then I cried.

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