Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jen Hatmaker, Interrupted, Rekindle Your Fire, and More Ambiguity!

I love getting the mail....
LOVE LOVE LOVE it...not the bills so much, but the rest is very exciting to me.  
Humor just is.  
 My children love when the mail comes too.  
We live in an old house with a mail slot in the door, so when the mailman comes; 
They race to retrieve it and see if there is anything there for them.

After they have looked through it, taken what's theirs; 
they put it in the very appropriately identified mail holder labeled JOY.  
They are perfectly trained and obedient when it comes to how to handle our precious mail.  
If a package arrives, LOOK is an all out celebration....
complete with wide eyes and excited screams....mine, not theirs.
So imagine our my excitement, when this was delivered yesterday.

   I couldn't imagine what it could be....what book had I ordered that I had forgotten about?  
The books for their summer reading had all been delivered and most of them already read.  
Then I opened it, and SISTER....that's when wide eyed screaming began.

 I had responded to this invitation from Jen Hatmaker about a week ago, at the urging of one of my friends; but I had not received a reply.
I assumed I wasn't chosen.   
Ok, EFs...

I have a thing for you and it is time sensitive. I have been DYING to talk about this, and today is the day! I will post the whole thing below that is going on Facebook in 3 hours, but I want my EFs to have first dibs. I am launching a blog tour with my FAVORITE BOOK I'VE EVER WRITTEN. I got to revise and expand it, and it is getting re-released in a few weeks.

All the details are below, but if you are a blogger, website manager, or newsletter writer, this is for YOU. I only have 250 spots and then they are gone, gone, gone. I open this up to the world at 5:00pm, so you have three hours to jump on it before everyone else. Read below:

I have the best news and I want YOU to be a part of it! I am often asked:

“Which of your books should I buy?”

And every single time I reply:

“That’s easy: INTERRUPTED: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity.”

Most of you read 7, but Interrupted is the book of my heart . It is the prequel, in fact, because without Interrupted there would never have been a 7. I believe it includes the most pressing spiritual issues of our generation, the ones we struggle through and end up feeling alone and crazy if we don’t find the right companions, the right language, the right tribe. It tells of the season when Jesus won me over from stale, predictable religion and captured my heart for the poor, the misunderstood, the outcast, and my neighbor. I realized Jesus was Good News but I was not and sometimes church wasn’t. I’m going to tell you waaaaaay more, but I get to invite you into something special: I got to edit and expand Interrupted (because I’ve learned so much even since), and it is getting a second life in the world this summer! I cannot tell you how grateful and thrilled I am. I so want you to have this book in your hands. More than any other book I’ve written.

And some of you are about to.

Do you have a blog? A newsletter? Do you manage a site? We are giving a free digital download AND hard copy of the new version of Interrupted to the first 250 influencers that respond to this all-call by July 15 that meet a couple of simple criteria. I’m thinking of you as my Launch Team and will have special correspondence just for you. It’s easy: you get Interrupted for free and tell your readers what you thought of it. You can keep the hard copy or use it as a giveaway on your blog.

1. Your site is current, meaning you’ve posted or provided content at least 4 times a month for the last six months. 
2. You commit to post your review (and book giveaway if you want!) before August 31st.

We have 250 copies of Interrupted to give away by next Tuesday the 15th, and then they are gone. To get your copy, please simply email:

...with your name, blog or website address, email address, and U.S. mailing address to and we will send you not only the digital and hard copy of Interrupted, but a few other goodies you can use for your blog or website if you want them!

I cannot wait for the moment when you read a sentence in Interrupted and think, “Oh my gosh. ME TOO.” I want to join my heart with yours and nail down once and for all that we are not alone and we are not crazy and God is doing a new, beautiful thing in our generation, like he has done in every one before us, and it is our turn and for heaven’s sake, I don’t want to blink and miss it.

Join me.

(Don't have a blog or website? I still want you to read this! Preorder, for the win!Even those of you who have read it...I added and edited so very much. XO, EFs...)

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But then I received the book and a letter....

 When I was reading the enclosed letter, the second sentence baffled me..."As I trust you know from an email to you,".....Email?  What email?
I realized I had never received the email she mentions.  
So I went and searched for it, and there it my SPAM!  
I couldn't begin to tell you how insulted I was, for Jen, that SPAM had claimed her email. 
Nonetheless I found the email and am ready to get this party started.
So what does all this mean you ask?  It means that I have the honor and privilege of reading Jen's 
"newly designed, revised, updated, printed copy of Interrupted" and encouraging you to read it as well.  I will be posting discussion questions and my personal reflection on the book on my blog, and I am hoping you, my lovely readers, will participate.  Gather a group of friends and order your copy now....I mean right now....don't wait....don't hesitate!
Click the Interrupted icon on the right to save 20%  on her masterpiece through July 31st. 
 Let's do this together.  
Let's rock and roll and figure out what is next....let Jesus ruffle some feathers....set us on fire again....and get our wheels in motion.
And remember this post?  It is connected to this one, because Jen Hatmaker was a key player in RC and lighting a fire.
 For now, I must stick with ambiguity and keeping you intrigued.

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