Thursday, July 31, 2014


What would you do with $50,000?
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Lynnet Hardwick said...

In some ways this would be hard. I'm a "depends on the situation" kinda person, but my mind races with possibilities - it is all His money anyway.

1. I think of the orphanage in Oxaca, Mexico that could really use some food and supplies,

2. The single mom struggling to make ends meet

3. the alzheimer's wing where my mom is (basic clothing needs, may a food social where they could just be loved on)

4. A college age young man who was hit by a car when he was leaving work and because he doesn't have health insurance, cannot return to college because he couldn't work for a month and half

5. an Autism foundation in Dallas who was burglarized this last year and major supplies and therapy tools were stolen (sad isn't it).

6. Sponsor a date night out for young parents who desperately need some relief and time.

7. dinner out for our pastors who work so tirelessly to give to others and do so much behind the scenes.

8. Hire help for an older couple who are forced to choose between medical care facility or losing their farm after his stroke. They chose to bring him home and she is completely worn.