Thursday, July 17, 2014

How's that for ambiguity?

Time to put it out there for all to hear, read, see, whatever.  I, we, us are in the midst of something BIG!  I mean huge....the potential is enormous!  God put this on my heart in the spring of 2013....well it wasn't actually this, but it was close.  Then I discovered He put it on their hearts too...whose hearts?? Theirs, I tell you, theirs.  Me and 3 other people, who are very dear to me, are up to something BIG!  It's slowly being divulged, but I'm not quite ready to make it completely public yet; so you can a tease.  What I can tell you is that:
1.  I am officially unemployed....except for my photography business.  I resigned from my job without really knowing why, but the more I delve into this; the more I think I understand why.
2.  God clearly told me to do this....well not exactly this, but something close to it.
3.  God clearly told them to do this too....well not exactly this, but something close to it.
4.  I think it's going to be big and good and change people's lives....crossing my fingers.
5.  I get goose bumps when I think about it, and I have wept tears of joy several times.  It's almost too much for me to take in....not the thing that's going to be big, but the fact that I heard God's voice so clearly.  Actually the thing that's going to be big has caused me to weep tears of joy as well.
So there you have it....a whole lot of ambiguous information about what I, we, us are up to.
I'll keep you posted....I promise....but for now just pray that this thing is what God wants it be and glorifies Him in every way!!  And remember these 2 letters....RC!

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