Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Heaven Is For Real

We recently did a study on the book Heaven Is For Real in my Sunday School class.  I read the book when it first came out, but I had not seen the movie.  After the first lesson, I realized that I might not should be going to Sunday School for this one; but I went anyway.  It wasn't that I had all the answers or that I ever wondered if heaven is for real that made me wonder if I should be participating in this study, it was that I didn't have all the questions.  I like to consider myself a deep thinker, and I am detail oriented in many areas of my life; but for some....I am just not.  I'm a christian and have been my entire life, and I have never doubted that heaven is for real.  During the study, there were very detailed questions that were presented and many people in my class shared additional detailed questions that they had about heaven.  I, however, did not have those questions.  To be honest without sounding overly confident or completely ignorant, I don't think that much about heaven in that detailed oriented way.  Questions like....When does a soul go to heaven?  What do you think you look like in heaven?  Will we know each other in heaven?  What will we do in heaven?  Who goes to heaven?  Those types of questions have really never entered my thoughts.  It's not that I don't have a picture of heaven, because I do; but it's that when I really think about it....I truly cannot imagine it in its glory.  If I am going to be completely honest, the only reason I have really even imagined heaven and what it might be like, is because I have loved ones who have gone.  My thoughts of them in heaven are beautiful ones, and I don't see a reason to imagine it any other way or question if that's what it is really like.  I sort of imagine it as a gazillion times better than what I think it will be.  You know those bits of heaven on earth?  I imagine it like that only so much more joyful.  As for the other details....When we go?  What do you look like?  Will we know each other?  Who goes?  I think we will have those questions answered when we get there, but then we won't have the urge to ask.  As for now, I am okay with "I don't know" as my answer.

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