Monday, August 25, 2014

Play Fair!

They gave us the practice schedule months ago.  I looked at it and compared it to the other ten thousand things that she wanted to do.  We might have had to make some adjustments or choices about activities due to her preferences. because we just can't simply do it all.  She was selected for a team, and we were thrilled that it worked out with our schedule.  Had it not, she would have had to given up something else; because this was her first choice.  We were told that kids were placed on teams according to what the instructors thought was the "best suited" for them, and lucky for us; she got on the team we were hoping she would.  She worked hard all summer as did many, but sadly some did not make a team....not the one they wanted or any at all....because they couldn't find a good fit for them.  Disappointment like that is so hard on mothers and kids. lessons.  So when the teams were announced and one player realized there is a conflict with another activity he/she had, is it okay to ask to be put on another team?  After the try-outs?  After the teams were formed?  After there were some very disappointed kids who weren't chosen?  After they were specifically placed on this team, because it was "best suited" for them?  After they had known the practice schedule for the last few months?  After someone else lost out on the opportunity to be on a team, but now there is this spot?  Will they fill it or not?  If they fill it, that child will always know he/she was the runner up.  For some kids, that wouldn't matter at all; and they would be grateful.  For some, it will always haunt them.  As a person who tries very hard to be sensitive to others' feelings and who works diligently on making schedules to accommodate our family and who would make her child choose one thing over another, and make them stick to their choice when it was discovered there was a conflict; I find this whole scenario annoying.  I'll step down from my soapbox now.

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