Friday, August 1, 2014

I am not a fashion expert!

I like clothes and SHOES....A LOT....especially boots!  I love fashion, but I am definitely no expert.
I just recently got a manicure and a salon....not in my bathroom.
I have no idea what gel nails are.
I cut and color my own hair.
I don't iron....EVER!
None of my clothes require dry cleaning.
I buy most of my clothes and all of my beauty products the same place I buy dog food, protein bars and toilet paper.
I am horrible at applying make up, but I do it anyway.
If I like it, I can afford it, and it looks decent; I buy it and figure out how to wear it later.
I can't refer you to a salon, because I don't go to one.
If it's suppose to "go" together, I probably won't wear it together.
I don't really buy into the "that look is too young/old for you" adage...if you like it, wear it!
If it's funky, it will probably end up in my closet.
So....I love fashion, but I am no expert...but that doesn't stop me!

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