Monday, September 20, 2010

Bryna's God Moment

Our church, like I think many churches, offers a few different styles of worship....contemporary, traditional, and blended! Each service offers a children's message, but they are oftentimes led by different pastors depending on which service you're in. We attend the contemporary service, and in that service our lead pastor Ken leads the children's message. Each week, he hands out an old box.... that once held computer paper.... to a child in the service. The box has all sorts of children's drawings and coloring all over it, and it is actually quite cute. The following week, the child who received the box returns it, during the children's message, with something in it. Pastor Ken has no idea what's in it until he opens it. Then he uses whatever is in the box to teach the kids about the love of Christ, being called to serve, etc. This week, Bryna had the box. She chose to put some playdough in the box. When Pastor Ken opened it, he took it out and talked to the kids about shaping and forming the playdough into whatever they wanted. Then he talked to them about how Jesus is the potter, and we are the clay; and how if we will let Him....He will mold us into the people he meant for us to be. They close in prayer, he hands the box to another child, and the children return to their seats in the pews for the rest of the service. Throughout the rest of the service, Bryna....who I'll admit gets fairly bored during church....sat and flipped through her Bible. She didn't really pay attention to what was going on in church which is actually quite normal for her. As we stood to sing the closing hymn, I got a little tickle in my stomache and couldn't help but smile when I realized what we were going to sing. We began to sing "Change My Heart Oh God", and when we got to the chorus which is:
"You are the potter, I am the clay, Mold me and make me, This is what I pray".

Bryna suddenly looked up at me with the most fascinated look on her face as if she were thinking (which she was)....How did they know to sing that song and how did they know I was going to put playdough in the box and how did they know that Pastor Ken was going to teach us about the potter and the clay? She hugged me really tightly and then just grinned.
Wren, our music director, plans out the music for the services several days before the actual service. He had no idea that Bryna was going to put playdough in the box and that Pastor Ken was going to talk about The Potter and The Clay! To me, these can be identified as God Moments. I think Bryna had her own God Moment, and I also think she may have gotten a little tickle in her stomache too.

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Alicia said...

That is awesome!!! Totally a God moment for her!!!! Love it! And I love that song too!