Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Question Answered

Before I give my opinion....remember it's my opinion...and we are all entitled to our opinions. Do I believe that God causes bad things to happen to people? My answer is NO! I do not believe God causes bad things to happen to people. I believe that sometimes we suffer, because of the natural consequences of life. Many times God will intervene and change circumstances and many times He won't. I spoke to my pastor about this and in the discussion, he described it this way....
"As parents we allow our children to experience the consequences of their actions. If we removed those consequences, our children would grow up to be spoiled, terrible adults. So for the well being we let them have difficulty. Some even call this tough love. I believe for the good of humanity, God lets us suffer consequences. God's end for us is not this life, but eternity."

When the first humans, Adam and Eve, demanded free will by disobeying God and eating the apple....I believe the paths of humans were changed forever....and since that time, we have progressively gotten worse about wanting to be in charge or in control! I know there are so many people who have a wonderful relationship with Jesus, but we all have to admit that it's so very challenging to give up complete control to Our Savior! In this respect, we are still demanding free will from Him!

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