Saturday, September 25, 2010


Rarely do I get overwhelmed.....I mean really overwhelmed....and when I do get overwhelmed, it's not usually in a bad way. It's more like overwhelmed when I feel God speaking to me and nudging me in a certain way, or overwhelmed by kindness someone has shown me or my family, or overwhelmed by the love I feel for someone; BUT....occasionally I get overwhelmed in not such a great way. The season of Christmas oftentimes overwhelms me, being exceptionally busy overwhelms me...which I've figured out is why Christmas time is's busy! Today I started out a little overwhelmed in a not so good way. I looked around at things I needed to get done and at the things I've checked off my long term to do list and realized that there's still a lot I would like to get accomplished. This is purely my thinking of how I want things organized, finished, re-done, cleaned up, cleaned out, etc. at our house. We re-did bedrooms this summer....check that off the long to do list...and I've been cleaning out all sorts of stuff and getting rid of all sorts of stuff....check that off the long and short to do lists, sold some furniture.....check that off the to do list; but HELP ME feels like I just get one thing accomplished and realize there's 2 additional things to do. I've decided that I just need to get to it when I can and not get OVERWHELMED by it....don't stress out if it doesn't get done when I think it should....just know it will get done when it gets done! Sometimes just let it sit. I had plans for the girls their rooms, the bathroom, cleaning out their closets, putting away their clothes, etc. and then.....the craziest thing happened....I let them play instead....ALL DAY LONG! ;) I let them pick flowers and play outside and get really dirty and play with our dogs and enjoy each other. They won't be children for long, and before I know it....they won't be playing with each other I relished in them being little girls....and doing what sisters do together. Now don't get me wrong, I still did some laundry and a few housekeeping things; BUT....I enjoyed them enjoying each other in the midst of it all; and I forgot all about being overwhelmed!
"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it's called the Present"

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