Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seven Years Ago....The Best Day of 2003!

Seven Years Ago Today....God grew our family by one more daughter. We are so thankful for this child He has lent to us. Bryna Mae Payne was born on September. 28, 2003. She was a preemie weighing in at over 7 pounds....yes she was the biggest preemie in the NICU! Bryna spent 8 days in the NICU.....8 LOOOOONG days! Thankfully she came home and is growing into a lovely young lady. The name Bryna means.....HOPE....which is what we were filled with when she was born so sick! Mae was NPayne's grandmother's middle name and my grandmother's middle name. I knew, long before B was born, that one of my children would have the name Mae! Bryna has always been full of life....even when she was in the NICU! She is a fighter, determined, and very strong....in her will ;) and herself.
Bryna is always willing to try new things.
She is easily encouraged and about the happiest person I know.

Bryna is my most affectionate child.
She still thrives on holding your hand,
sitting in your lap, and just wrapping her sweet arms around your neck.
She is so full of LOVE!

Her face is always smiling,
and she LOVES doing things to make others smile.
Her smile is contagious!
She is definitely a free spirit who has a song rolling off her tongue constantly.
She is the girl who got into trouble for constantly singing at school,
because she doesn't even realize she's doing it most of the time.
As sad for her as I was about this, I understand that there are times when
SINGING YOUR HEART OUT may be a little disruptive.

Bryna loves MUSIC!
I truly believe that she has a GOD given musical talent
and will use that in some fashion throughout her life.

She's quirky and jolly!
She has the best laugh you've ever heard.
In fact, she won the "Best Giggle" award in her preschool class....
at least she didn't get in trouble for laughing at school.
She is girly through and through and
LOVES to dress up,
but she also LOVES to play outside and get dirty.
She is my child who will come inside
covered in dirt with holes in her clothes
and have absolutely no idea how that happened. :)
I am so very proud of her for overcoming her fears.
She is easily frightened by many things...mainly things in movies or on TV!
She is my child who use to be so terrified of animals
that she would shriek like someone in a horror film
if a dog even thought about approaching her.
Now she is the one who I always hear saying....
"Let's go in the backyard and play with our dogs!"
Bryna use to be scared of the water,
but this year she learned to swim!
She loves the ocean
and playing with her family at the beach.
Bryna can't wait to grow up.
She wants to be a mommy and a performer...
singer or dancer!
She is the most attached to her siblings,
and she CANNOT sleep alone.
She use to share a room with Drew
and now she shares a room with Elliot.
If she wakes up and her roommate is not there,
she immediately gets concerned.
She absolutely LOVES her family
and has such admiration for her big sisters.
She wants to be just like them.
She is very gentle with Cal,
but she doesn't let him get away with anything he wants.
I love that she's a mommy's girl
and a daddy's girl!
She is physically tough as nails....
she has NEVER cried when she has gotten a shot,
she barely grimmaced when she broke her leg,
I didn't even know that she slammed her finger in the
door until a few days later when I happened to notice
it was black and blue and the nail was falling off.
On the flip side....
When it comes to emotions, she is a marshmallow....
she cries when her feelings are hurt by one of her sisters, or
if she disappoints anyone....especially herself.
She has a sensitive soul with a joyful disposition!
Bryna is very bright and taught herself to read,
because she was determined not to be left out
when she played school with her sisters.
She prays openly for others, and she shines the light!
Her kindergarten teacher told me that she asked their classmates
to pray for their friend who was absent, because she had strep throat.
Some of her friends didn't know about praying, but she helped them learn.
She talks openly of Jesus and the sacrifice He made for us....
all the while asking her family questions to make sure she is sharing the right information!
She LOVES unconditionally and when her friends tell her
they don't believe in Jesus or believe He died in a field of flowers,
she accepts them, loves them, and skips off holding their hands....
but she stands firm in what she knows is the truth...The Bible!
She looks like her daddy
but of the five....
she definitley is her own person.
I wouldn't say she was more like me or NPayne...
she's just BRYNA!
She lives in her own world that I affectionately refer to as
B's World! I would describe this world as:
a world where you kick your shoes off
as soon as you walk into a house....doesn't have to be just your house,
could be your neighbor's house, your grandmother's house,
friend's house, or even a house where you don't even know the residents that well;
and when it's time to put your shoes on again....you have no idea where you kicked them off
because you were too excited to be there when you arrived that you don't remember.
This is a world where you leave the tooth fairy notes that say things like...
"Hi, I'm Bryna
I just wanted you to know that I've lost both top teeth now.
I'll be the one sleeping when you come!
Love, Bryna"!
This is a world where you pirouette
in church when you are moved by a song we are singing.
A world where you would love to live on pizza and ice cream and
dessert is the center of your universe.
A world where you never meet a stranger, and
will walk up to about anyone and introduce yourself;
so you will have someone to play with.
A world where you don't like cleaning up but really love making the mess!
A world where finding a ladybug and blowing bubbles can make your day.
A world where we embrace life and enjoy every moment of it.
A world that we should all visit from time to time!

To My Bryna,
You are the most wonderful 7 year old I know, and I love you more than any other 7 year old in the whole entire world. You bring a burst of joyful sunshine to our lives each and every day!
You are my love, and I adore you! I can't wait to see your big bright smile when you see me waiting in the carpool lane to pick you up today!
Love, Mama

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