Monday, September 6, 2010

Four Years Ago.....The Best Day of 2006!

Four years ago, God answered a prayer with a "YES"! A healthy baby was welcomed into our family. Elliot Ann Payne graced this world with her presence, and our lives have not been the same since....they have been so much better than we could have ever imagined.
Elliot is the 5th of 5....the baby....the princess!

Her family adores her about as much as anyone could possibly be adored! Her smile and giggle will simply make your day! She, in return, adores her family!
I love how she will eat the entire donut if it's glazed and only the top if it's chocolate!
I love how excited she gets about little things like....donuts for breakfast!
I love that she loves broccoli as much as she loves donuts.
I love that she insists on picking out her own clothes
and tries really hard to choose a matching headband.
I love that she loves her extended family
and is always so thankful to see them.
I love that she loves everything princess and pretty,
and I love that she always wants to wear a dress or a tutu!
I love that she gets as excited about pretty tissue paper
as she does about an actual gift inside the bag.
I love that she always says, "THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
I love that she really appreciates being given something.
I love that although she just turned 4,
her personality shows through in her funky style.
I love that she ADORES her daddy....I mean ADORES him!
I love that she will tell you when she's ready for bed
and go to bed without any problems.
I love that she makes her bed
everyday....and does a darn good job!
I love that she is very independent
and definitely has a mind of her own.
I love that she has a strong will, but
she will tell you "I'm Sorry!" if she's done something wrong.
I love that she is so mature but still sucks her thumb when she's really tired.
I love that she loves school and friends but mostly her family.
I love that, every night when we all share what we are thankful for, she almost always says...
"I'm thankful for my family!"
I love that she loves to play outside, do crafts, read books, sing and dance!
I love that she loves church and is really excited when we read her devotional each night!
I love her cute little toes and how she giggles so heartily
when I tell her I'm going to nibble on them.
I love that she loves for NPayne to sing Stevie Wonder songs to her.
I love that she will tell her sisters that they are all her favorites!
I love that she looks like me,
and that I can see my daddy's eyes in hers.
I love that she is so funny!
I love that she tries so hard to be big,
but that she still really loves being little.
I simply adore her! She melts my heart!
You are an answered prayer!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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