Sunday, April 17, 2011


Over the last few weeks, I've discovered a lot about myself....some good and some not so good.
I'm not as strong as I thought I was....not so good!
I am really leaning on My God....really good!
My unsettledness is still present.....not so good!
My unsettledness is not a problem for me....good!
I'm listening to God and trying to follow His will.....good!
Sometimes following His will is really hard....not so good!
I know it's not all about me....good!
Waiting for His will to be done is becoming more challenging....not so good!
Change is HARD....not so good!
I must move forward....good!
I don't believe that God doesn't give you more than you can handle, I think there are lots of things that seem impossible...not so good!
I know that anything is possible with God, and He can get me through anything.....good!
I think living in the fog of grief is easier than the reality of it....good!
The fog is lifting....not so good!
My mind and heart are ready for God to lead me through the impossible....good!
Looking UP is.....really good!
I'm ready to go where He leads me.....good!
Although it may be "a bit scary" (as my boy often says), it's all for His glory.....really good!
Bring it God.....I can handle it with you right beside me.....the best!

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