Monday, April 25, 2011

Will I?

As I've said before....I'm so extremely sentimental and when I start to get discouraged about something, I try to remember why I should be grateful instead of discouraged. As I sit and ponder things that I don't particularly enjoy right now, I wonder.....will I miss those things so much in a few years? Will I?
Will I miss waiting in the carpool line full of inconsiderate parents?
Will I miss picking up toys and shoes and pajamas off the floor every day?
Will I miss helping my kids make their lunches and sometimes making them for them?
Will I miss washing my little girls' oh so long hair, so I can make sure it gets good and clean?
Will I miss Cal's rigid, 20 minute, bedtime routine that is not in the least bit flexible?
Will I miss all the trash in my car?
Will I miss the food remnants on top of the trash can lid, because they forget to remove the lid before dumping their plates in the trash can?
Will I miss McDonalds?
Will I miss doll clothes and shoes buried deep in the sofa?
Will I miss the tune to Thomas The Tank Engine?
Will I miss the texts from Addi that say...."I'm ready to be picked up! Wait, no I'm not! Come to the carpool line. No come to the field house." ?
Will I miss the gazillion notes I get from the schools each week reminding us of this and that or asking us for this or that?
Will I miss the unmatched socks that turn up in the clean clothes?
Will I miss the many pleas for "just one piece of candy"?
Will I miss being a taxi service?
Will I miss the constant reminding them to brush their teeth and hair?
Will I miss their stinky shoes?
Will I miss the bickering that only occurs between siblings?
Will I miss all this stuff? This stuff that is not my particularly favorite stuff right now.
I can honestly say....YES I WILL!

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Marsha said...

I try to tell myself those very same words everytime I feel myself getting discouraged or frustrated. It usually works...except for when I'm on my hands and knees picking up all the food they dropped on the (just mopped) floor. Wait....I think I may even miss that one day. FAR FAR from now. ;)