Friday, April 13, 2012


Did you know....
I don't like carpool lanes.
QT cokes taste funny, because they are made with filtered water. I would rather have unfiltered water in my coke.
I have only had 2 pedicures in my entire life.
I am addicted to chairs, linens, and dishes....oh and coffee and babies too.
I was a cheerleader in jr. high and high school.
I was NPayne's first girlfriend.
If I won the lottery, I would give most of my money away; however I would get a chauffer to drive me around in my old suburban.
I am not a fan of the mini van.
My kids make me a better person.
I'm not really cut out for anything that calls for getting up really early or staying up really late.
I might write a book someday.
I use to bite my nails.
My mom and dad always called me Lo Bug.
My family and good friends call me Lo.
NPayne rarely refers to me by my first name but instead as Mom....not as in his mom but as in the mom of his children.
I could browse on Pinterest and Etsy for hours!
I LOVE flea markets, thrift stores, and garage sales.
I am saving wishing for a new camera.
I've been moved to tears several times this week.
I love my husband.
I would miss Sonic if there wasn't one near me.
I don't like to be busy.
I love birthdays, Easter, and July 4th; but Thanksgiving is my favorite.
I can't stand clutter and a mess, but my family doesn't seem to mind it.
I don't mind washing, drying and folding the laundry; but I don't like putting it away.
I would rather scrub the toilet than dust.
I haven't seen a "grown-up" movie in a very very very very long time.
I am fascinated by forensics.
I might plant a garden this year.
I love my old house...even though it's still a work in progress after 15 years.
NPayne still knocks my socks off.
So there ya go.....a little about ME!

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Maddy said...

Mine's a work in progress too, and I'm with you on the laundry - I'm training mine to each put their own away.