Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Mama Don't Do Drama

Well there's lots of drama in my life lately, and I have never been a fan of that.  I love a good drama, but not this kind.  I'm exhausted and really just becoming more and more irritated by it.  I  have drama in ways that I would have never dreamed.  Last night I had a little drama relief, I went out with a group of ladies that I have gotten to know this year.  I don't know them well but after last night and a few cocktails, I know some better than others!  ;)  On a serious note, it was nice to just sit and listen and laugh.  It was nice to appreciate my husband even more so than I already do for taking on many tasks last night, so I could go.  It was nice to appreciate my children even more as I shared about them with these sweet ladies.  It was nice to hear about my new friends' and their families.  It was just nice!  I need a little more nice!

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