Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stress Relief

We had such a fun day.  We started out with Drew's soccer game....her team won, and she played great.  Then we had a quick lunch at home all gathered around our big ole table which is how I like to eat.  Then we packed up and headed to the zoo.  HOWEVER, when we got there....there were 5 gazillion people.  The parking lot was full, and it was a 10 mile hike both ways, barefoot in the snow....well not really, but you get my drift.  So we opted to skip the chaos  zoo and explore our own backyard; or one of the nearest big cities.  We ended up in Ft. Worth.  We went to The Water Gardens....super beautiful and amazingly spiritual.  We trotted on over the famous Ft. Worth Stockyards, which we have been to before; but it's been a while.  We explored the arena, watched the cattle drive, rode ponies, sat on Longhorns, ate ice cream and did a little window shopping.  Drew and I both found the boots of our dreams.  We finished up the day with a nice family dinner at a local restaurant and headed home.  It was such an enjoyable day, and besides the fact that I have a friend coming over to babysit for me tomorrow; I'm really okay with not getting all the chores done.....GASP!  Actually Addi, Bryna and Elli did a lot of "picking up" while we were at Drew's game this morning.  They're so great!  My stress level is way down, and I am feeling really relaxed.  Now excuse me while I go sit on the couch and do nothing for the rest of the night....oh and I'm not going to stress over the mess!

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