Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Arm's Length "Friends"!

Drew has a "friend" who can't decide if she's nice or not.  I don't know how else to explain it except that sometimes she's nice and sometimes she's not.  Last year they were so very close, and I would have never imagined things turning out the way they have.  Being thirteen probably has much to do with that, but as I have told my girls before; it's no excuse to be hateful.  This "friend" has said some very unkind and hurtful things to Drew.  She will be stand offish and then act like her BFF again.  Today she was late coming to the car, and she apologized when she got in.  She told me she was helping this "friend".  So I asked her...."Is all of that ugliness under the bridge?"  Drew said, "Not really.  Sometimes she's nice and sometimes she's not."  I told her this needed to be a friend she kept at arm's length, and she agreed.  I think it helped her to hear me say that I have several "friends" like that.  People I can be friendly to, interact with, etc.; but they aren't friends I would ever depend on, trust or share my secrets or concerns with.  Some of them are people who use to be close to me, but like Drew's "friend" are now at arm's length.

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