Monday, May 12, 2014


I was at my mama's tonight, and I found a lock box with many things inside....birth certificates, marriage license, etc. And there were two love from my dad to my mom, and one from my mom to my dad. Both were written 6-8 weeks after they were married, and my dad was in the National Guard. This one made my night sooo sooo good. I giggled, smiled and blushed a little. Some of my favorite parts were: "I put a bathing suit on layaway, and bought us sweatshirts alike. You'll like them." And....the last paragraph that said, "Honey, do you have any idea at all of how much I love you. I love you and need you more than I have ever loved anyone or needed anyone or anything. I would give anything to be in your arms this very minute and just be able to stay there. Take care of yourself for me, and I'll see you Friday. All of my love is yours, Sandy"
They still spoke that sort of love language until the day my dad passed, and now she is in his arms and able to stay there; and that makes me smile!

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