Saturday, May 10, 2014

Moo, The Speech and The Funeral!

Elliot has been curious about the funeral all week....almost excited by the thought of it. It's the first one she's ever attended. Every afternoon this week, she would say only ? more days until the funeral, and she would try to be solemn; but she really wasn't. Then on Thursday, she informed me that she had a speech she would be reciting at the funeral today. I said, "Really? Well that would be nice. There will be a designated time in the service for tributes." She then asked me if there would be a microphone.  I said, "Yes there will, but you can also say your speech from your seat if you would like to." Last night, Neil was explaining to her and Bryna what the viewing was going to be like. He explained what a casket was, that it would look like Moo was asleep...sort of like Sleeping Beauty, that many of our family would be at the viewing, and that the casket would be closed during the service. He did a wonderful job of explaining to all of them that grief is different for everyone, some cry, some don't, some of her family will want to see Moo, and some won't. We had decided they didn't have to go to the viewing if they didn't choose to do so. Elli proclaimed that she would be going, because she had something to put in the casket. Neil said, "Really? What is it?" Without skipping a beat, she said, "It's my speech." He said, "Don't you need it to read at the funeral." She answered, "Nope, I have it memorized."  I was helping the girls pick out clothes last night. Addi wasn't sure what to wear...."I don't have anything black." I told her I wasn't wearing black, but would be wearing a dress with butterflies on it. Drew and Bryna both decided on sweet dresses after searching for a bit. But Elliot....she knew from the get go....of course it had been planned in her head, like the speech. I got up very early this morning, and there she sat on the couch.....fully dressed, shoes and all. She had already eaten four muffins and was holding her Pinky Pie/sucking her thumb, watching TV. It made me smile to know that she sees this day as a celebration. She has been a good reminder for me all week that this is a good day....we are celebrating the life of my beautiful mother. My heart is broken, and there will always be that hole that is never filled on earth. But I do find great comfort in knowing my mother is pain free....her pain was so bad, and I am so thankful that it is gone. But my biggest comfort is that my mom is rejoicing today. Please pray for my family today and all of those who love us and loved my mother. Please pray for Elliot and all of my children today....I pray their memory of today is exactly how God intends it to be.

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