Saturday, June 13, 2009

17 Years Ago Today....The Best Day of 1992!!!!

Seventeen Years Ago Today....

I married my best soul mate....the love of my life....the father of my children....the greatest man I husband!
I never really knew what being in love was until I fell in love with him!

I have never smiled or laughed as much as I do with him! I have never been treated like a queen until I met him! I have never felt more beautiful than when he tells me so!

Although we are very different....we are also exactly alike!
A Perfect Compliment to Each Other!

I would have never been so blessed as to become their mother had I not fallen in love with my best friend, my soul mate, the love of my life, the father of my children, the greatest man I know, my husband....and married him....SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO TODAY!

You are heavy metal, and I am contemporary christian!
You are "fly by the seat of your pants", and I am a planner!
You are not very organized, and I am a little neurotic!
You don't like cold weather, and I don't like hot weather!
You are not a worrier, and I worry enough for the both of us!
You are a musician, and I don't even try to pretend to be one!
You are mild, and I am spicy!
You are a little sentimental, and I am over the top sentimental!
You are sensitive, and I try to be!
You are a carnivore, and I am a herbivore!
You encourage me, and I encourage you!
You love me unconditionally, and I love you back!
You are a believer, and I am a believer!
You are a good person, and knowing you has made me a better person!
You are the love of my life, and I am yours!
You are a giver, a doer, a are laid back, calm, kind, are funny, complimentary, handsome, are grateful, thankful, happy!
I love you for dancing with our children....I love you for telling me I'm pretty when I don't feel it....I love you for never asking me,"what have you been doing all day?" when you come home to a messy house....I love you for the father you are....I love you for getting up during the night, changing diapers, kissing boo boos, cleaning up throw up, taking care of us....I love you for the sacrifices you make for our family....I love you for treating our children uniquely yet the same....I love you for embracing each of our daughters' passions....I love you for your relationship with our son! I love you more each year....each day....each minute....each second!
Together we are one, we are two; and we are seven....we enjoy being alone together....we enjoy our family....we grow together....we learn together....we laugh together....oh how we've cried together....we dance together....we are parents, friends, soulmates and so much more....we are meant for each other, created for each other by God! I thank God for you and all that you bring to my life!

Family picture taken by our friend and photographer Cathy Zaragoza!!


FXSmom said...

Happy Anniversary you two :)

Following Him said...

Hope you guys had a great Anniversary :) You guys are such great parents and it SHOWS!

Alicia said...

That was so sweet! And I love the pictures too!!

Happy Anniversary!!!