Monday, June 15, 2009


Welcome to our weekly therapy session hosted by MckMama. To read about what other folks DID NOT do, click here.

This week I did not ship my oldest daughter off to Savannah Georgia for an entire week. I did not feel one bit resentful to all the parents who have the entire week completely to themselves while their only child or youngest child will be gone. I did not, say OUT LOUD without really realizing it, "NO I'M NOT EXCITED SHE'S GOING.....I'M LOSING MY ADULT ASSISTANT FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK!"
I did NOT let my house get completely out of control and become a total mess which I now DO NOT have to clean....arrrggghhh!!!
This morning, I did NOT take my middle two children to a VBS (that is not at our church) and think to myself after I dropped them off....WOW, I'm down to 2 children....What am I going to do with myself?
I was NOT completely thrilled and shocked to hear from Cal's special ed. summer school teacher on Friday night, because I haven't received a phone call from a summer school teacher in about the past 3 summers, and half the time I have no idea who they are; since you can NEVER reach them by phone. This does NOT annoy the snot out of me!
I did NOT celebrate my 17th wedding anniversary by eating at the new indoor Sonic with my family before dropping Addi Jo off to head to Savannah!
While at B's dance recital last week, we did NOT experience a small monsoon and literally have to take cover in the auditorium until the Tornado watch/warning....whichever it was....passed us by! By the way, B was NOT the cutest dancer out there.....really she was!
I am not gearing up for a few really late nights this week as my fellow VBS directors and myself prepare for VBS at our church next week!
I did NOT let Elliot eat a ton of watermelon yesterday only to have her NOT pay us back with the nastiest poop EVER!
That's it for NOT ME MONDAY, join me again next week and thanks for playing!

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Following Him said...

Ok...your entire post had me in stiches :) I can't believe your asst is off for an entire week either :) Hope you have plenty to do with Cal and Elliot :) Love watermelon...but what a lovely way to pay you guys back ;) Have a great Monday and enjoy your time with the directors!