Thursday, June 25, 2009

That's How I Roll....

I am not a meat eater, but I love grilled hotdogs and beef jerky.
I don't like to clean house, but I love a clean house.
I would like to win the lottery, but I never buy a ticket.
I love my big old suburban, but I do NOT like to drive.
I can't stand to talk on the phone, but I love to leave voice mail messages.
I live in a house full of people, but sometimes I'm lonely.
I could do without a television, but I would rather NOT do without a radio.
I do not like to dust, but I don't mind cleaning the toilet.
I enjoy shopping, but I don't like to spend money.
I have a horrible memory, but I rarely forget a name.
I can't sit through a scary movie, but I love mysteries.
I love furniture, but I don't like new furniture.
I am not a runner, but I like to walk.
I am low maintenance, but I like to dress up.
I am not a fan of carpet, but I love rugs.
I am very laid back, but I can become easily overwhelmed.
I am easily creeped out, but I am fascinated by forensics.
I am not a morning person, and I am not a night person which makes me an afternoon person.
I am not a fan of the mall, but I love flea markets.
I am very thrifty, but my favorite store is Anthropologie (for browsing) and Target (for buying).
I enjoyed being an only child, but I always prayed for a brother.
I am a planner, but I am very flexible.
I can change dirty diapers all day, but I can't deal with throw up.
I don't like to shop with a purpose, but I like to buy on impulse.
I am easily amused, but I cry a lot as well.
I can easily skip a meal, but I cannot skip out on sleep.
I have a sweet tooth, but I'm not big on chocolate.
I love school, but I don't like homework.
I don't believe in spending a lot on myself, but I LOVE a good massage.
I don't like department stores, but I like discount department stores.
I am not good at sharing, but I don't mind the 7 of us sharing our one tiny downstairs bathroom.
I am not sympathetic, but I am very sentimental.
I sin repeatedly, but I ask for forgiveness.
I pray a lot, but sometimes I have to force myself to be still and listen.
I accept God's grace, but I continue to make lots of mistakes.

If I had $10 million, I would....
pay off debt
buy NPayne a car that could accomodate 7 people
finish rennovations on my current home
give some to my mother and NPayne's mother
have NPayne quit his job and find a job where he was happy
save a little
give the rest away

If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be....
on a Disney Cruise with my family

If I could have one wish, it would be....
world peace

If I could talk to someone who has already passed away that I have never met, it would be....
NPayne's dad (who died when NPayne was one year old)

If I could talk to someone who has already passed away that I miss, it would be....
my dad (who died in 2005), I would love to introduce Elliot to him....she is a lot like him, but of course he already knows that :)!

If I could turn back time, I wouldn't; but I would....
slow it down a little

If I could have one frivelous purchase, it would be....
a lakehouse for my family but mainly for NPayne to enjoy

If I could change anything in my life that I know is impossible to change, it would be....
that my mother was completely whole, so we could go out to lunch whenever we wanted and do simple mother/daughter things that we use to do before she got sick

If I could change anything in my life that is possible to change, it would be....
to have more children

I'm hoping our next "big" purchase is....
a scooter with a sidecar

One of my dreams in life is....
to write a children's book

One of my favorite things is....
Saturday Night Disco at my house which often occurs on any random night

A few things I would like to do before I die are....
go to a World Series final game (and if The Rangers could win the championship....that would be make it even better), be a contestant on The Price Is Right....."Lorie Payne, Come On Down!", take a tour of Graceland, have my entire family go on a mission trip together, spend a week alone on vacation with NPayne, take all of the Disciple classes, meet all of my grandchildren

My favorite thing to do for myself is....
go to Bible Study on Thursday mornings

Some things I truly treasure are....
my family, my church family, my friends, and living in the USA

What I want most for my children is....
a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

What I fear most for my children is....
lots of things....illness, being hurt, peer pressure, unhappiness, violence

What I would want my children to know is that....
You can do all things through Christ!

What I want my children to remember me for is....
love, kindness and acceptance

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