Sunday, June 14, 2009

AWAY SHE GOES........Under His Control!

Yesterday evening....Addi Jo, along with 15 other girls and 7 women, boarded a party bus and headed to Savannah Georgia! She will be gone for one week....Saturday-Saturday! She is traveling with her Girl Scout Troop, their 4 leaders, and 3 moms (whose names were drawn from a hat to accompany them...obviously mine was not one of them). Addi Jo's troop sold $8500 boxes of cookies this year which earned them about $4600, they had a garage sale that earned over $2500, they raised $450 by making and selling Mother's Day gifts, they raised almost $200 by doing spring clean ups for neighbors, they raised $300 selling nuts and candy; so you see....these girls worked hard for this trip.....and away they go! They chose Savannah Georgia, because it is the home of Juliette Low who is the founder of Girl Scouts. Although they are taking a party bus there and back, they are sleeping on the gym floor of a church while they are there....ahhhhh....the good life! As we arrived at the meeting place to load our daugthers on their party bus....I noticed a little chaos, some nervous parents, some hot and irritated girls, and a lot of hustle and bustle to stay on schedule. Then the most amazing thing happened. The bus driver (pictured in the back) called all of the parents and girls together. He asked for our undivided attention, and we all gathered around waiting to hear instructions or rules or something; but that's not what we heard at all....what we heard was him ask us to bow our heads and pray with him! After this man prayed such a heartfelt and encouraging prayer of thanksgiving and protection, we all raised our heads and breathed out a sigh of relief. I saw some tears, not because they were going to miss their daughters, but because they were so moved by his prayer and obvious devotion to caring for this prized cargo he was carrying. The chaos, nerves, irritation, hustle and bustle all seemed to fade away as soon as we said "AMEN"! As the girls gave their families one last kiss and hug and began to board the bus, we all began to thank the bus driver for driving them and caring for them; and he said...."It's not me carrying them, it's GOD! He's in control!" Yes HE is!


Following Him said...

SO COOL...AMAZED! Hope Addi has lots of fun :)

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh...that makes me want to cry!!!

How awesome to have a Godly man be the bus driver!!