Friday, June 26, 2009

I Know What You Mean

Drew comes running inside last night, after soccer practice, and says the following...."Mama mama, there's a girl on my soccer team who is like Cal." NPayne (who coaches her Upward soccer team each summer) enters the house just in time to hear me ask...."So she has autism?" Simultaneously, they both shake their heads no; but NPayne accompanies his head shake with an explanation....he says, "She has Turner Syndrome." Then he told me the following conversation occured between him and the little girl's mother.....(I'll be paraphrasing a little here).....

Mother- Nervously approaching NPayne...."This is XXXX. Did they tell you she has Turner Syndrome?"
NPayne- "Nice to meet you. I meant to look it up, so I would know more about it. I tried to call you the other night, so we could talk a little about XXXX and her needs."
Mother- Still very nervous...."She sometimes gets confused easily and can't always figure out what you are trying to explain to her. All I can really tell you is that you may need to try another way to explain something if she is not catching on."
NPayne - "Okay."
Mother- Looks NPayne in the eye and nervously says...."She just needs someone with a lot of patience."
NPayne - Looks her square in the eye and calmly says...."I have a lot of patience.....and don't worry, I know exactly what you mean....I have a son with autism."
Mother - "THANK GOD!" "I don't mean Thank God that your son has autism, but...."
NPayne - Interrupting her says...."I know what you mean, believe me I know! When I say, I know...I mean I REALLY know!"
Mother - Calm and reassured smile on her face! "THANK YOU!"
NPayne - "My pleasure!"

As NPayne is telling me this, he is getting a little emotional; and so am I. We both know that feeling that she was feeling....that unsettling feeling....and fortunately we both knew exactly what she meant when she said, "THANK GOD!" We have both said that many times, and we meant it from the bottom of our hearts; and I'm sure XXXX's mother did too. I can't wait to meet XXXX and her mother at our first game. I have a feeling this might be a season full of victories!

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Following Him said...

Another reason why I believe NPayne is a great dad :)