Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordful Wednesday....This Girl LOVES Her Daddy!

Okay so my friend calls me last night, and we are talking about all sorts of things....mainly about how she nearly gave her "male" 20 year old babysitter a free peep show and how mortified she was; but nonetheless we both still LAUGHED a lot. I told her it could have been worse, it could have been me that nearly gave him a free peep show.
The other thing we discussed was Father's Day. She kept trying to convince me that it was this coming Sunday, and I kept trying to convice her that it is in 2 more Sundays. We both hung not thinking another thing about it, and then I receive this e-mail first thing this morning that says "FYI....Father's Day is THIS SUNDAY sister!" I checked my YAHOO Calendar, because let's face's NEVER wrong, and it said Father's Day was 2 Sundays from now on JUNE 21st! I reply with...."This Sunday is Flag Day, the next Sunday is Father's Day!" I guess she could have gotten Flag and Father I'm not really sure....but it could happen. I think she is still convinced it is this coming Sunday, and I know I am still convinced that it is June 21st. Can anyone help a sister, mother, daughter, friend, me out????? WHEN IS FATHER'S DAY?????
Anyhoo all this talk about Father's Day got me thinking about NPayne and what a fabulous hunk of a husband I have and what a fabulous hunk of a father he is. So for this week's Wordful Wednesday post.....I thought pictures of our youngest, Elliot Ann, who LOVES her daddy more than anyone.....yes even more than me; but I'm completely okay with that....honest I am....even though I birthed her, nursed her, change her, dress her, feed her 90% of the time....I AM PERFECTLY OKAY WITH THAT!!!!

Honest....I am perfectly okay with her LOVING her daddy....I mean.....when I watch him with could I not be? We are both blessed by this wonderful man....we call daddy!
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The Blankenship Family said...

I'm assuming you're talking about Cynthis with Christian as her male babysitter. That's SOOOO funny!!!! And yes, you are right, Father's Day is 2 Sunday's from now on the 21st. It's the day after Sr. High Mission Trip gets back - that's how I knew. And I LOVE the pics with Neil and Ellie!!! Very sweet indeed!

Anonymous said...

awwww :)