Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Last night, in the middle of the night....when I couldn't sleep....because it was thundering....and I knew at least 2 children would wake up....which they did, I was thinking....which is what I do when I can't sleep! I was thinking about my journey as a mother and some factual information. Elliot, our 2 year old, is ready to potty train....she asks me often if she can sit on the potty, she wants to have her diaper changed if it's the least bit wet, she is waking up in the morning with a dry diaper; so the journey is about to begin. Now I'm going to be completely honest here, I DO NOT like potty training!!!! I love everything else about babies, but potty training....well it's just not the least bit enjoyable! Out of my other 4 children, they were all different....some were extremely easy, some were extremely hard, some were just a little difficult, some were really early, some were really late, some became so constipated that we had to seek medical attention, some were pull-ups at night, some never wore pull-ups at night. Honestly with my children, you can't compare; because they were all different. I do know that I prefer potty training in the summer when life is slower, but I also know that I am NOT looking forward to that panicked feeling that I get when they say...."I need to go!"....and you're in the car on the highway, or in the grocery store with a cart full of groceries, or NOWHERE near a bathroom. All of this got me to thinking that although I really don't like the process of potty training....the no more diapers thing is a really nice idea. This also got me to thinking that....HEAVEN HELP ME....my baby is getting big way too fast....and I am not too thrilled about that! However NPayne is quite excited about the fact of being finished with diapers.....at least until we have grandchildren. This is when I started thinking about numbers....facts....if you will of my journey as a mother....

Fact #1....We have been changing diapers for 12 connsecutive years! YOWZA!
Fact # 2....I have been pregnant for 185 weeks, and that was with all 5 of my babies being born early; and 2 of them being prematurely early. Otherwise I would have been pregnant for 200 weeks!
Fact #2a....I LOVED LOVED LOVED being pregnant all 5 times.
Fact #2b....I was not sick one day of my pregnancy with Callahan....in fact....I ate a bean burrito from Taco Bell nearly every day up until the day he was delivered. I was only sick a little with my pregnancy with Bryna (4th child), so I was positive she was a boy. With Addi, Drew, and Elliot....my morning sickness got progressively worse with each one! But I was never sick more than 3 months! Some things I craved....different for each one...pickled okra, chocolate milk, powdered donuts, peanut butter, avocados, and tomatoes! Some things I couldn't tolerate....coffee....yes me the avid coffee drinker couldn't stand the smell, mexican food, any kind of chicken or meat for that matter.
Fact #3....Three of my 5 nursed like champs and were flexible enough to take a bottle if needed! One even nursed in the NICU right away like it was meant to be....which of course it is. One of my 5 NEVER nursed, so I pumped for months on end! One of my 5 nursed for a very short time but ended up on a bottle! The two that weren't my nursers both suffered from severe reflux....hmmmm....wonder if there is a connection there.
Fact #3a.... The Breat Pump, although a great invention, is for the birds!!!! I don't know who said it wasn't painful, but they ARE SADLY MISINFORMED!!!
Fact #4....NPayne and I have had approximately 18.5 months of real sleepless nights with a newborn! The girls all slept through the night fairly early, but Cal was the nighttime culprit who kept us up the longest....and he still is....my sweet boy!
Fact #5....I don't mind changing diapers, even really unplesant ones; but I DO NOT like cleaning up throw up! If NPayne is home, he cleans it up! Thanks Babe!
Fact #6....All of our children have slept in their own beds from early on in infancy....it might have been in our closet, but it was his/her own bassinet or crib!
Fact #6a....I have only had one baby who climbed out of her crib....any guesses who?
Fact #7....Callahan was my only baby to really enjoy baby food! He ate it like a champ....he has a horrible diet now, but he did love baby food! In fact, with our last 2 girls....we sort of skipped the baby food period and went right to table food; and it worked out great! Of course I checked with my pediatrician about foods to avoid, etc.; and we didn't start them on food as early as we did the babies who ate baby food.
Fact #8....Two of our babies were planned, one was an...if it happens, it happens scenario, one was a complete surprise, and one was a little surprise....planned but just not at that exact time! But God knows what He's doing....that we are sure about!
Fact #9....Our son is a special needs child diagnosed with mild Fragile X and moderate Autism! Our girls have all shown "typical" behaviors, so we have not had them genetically tested. As they grow older, we will discuss this with them; and let them make that decision.
Fact #10....All 5 of my babies were born natural...3 with no drugs, and 2 with! All four girls were spontaneous. Callahan was scheduled to be induced due to some health concerns, but once I got to the hospital....I was already in labor....GOOD BOY!
Fact #11....We have had 2 thumb suckers, one paci baby, and 2 who did neither; but ALL of our children have had some type of LOVEY! Most still do!
Fact #12...All of the children share birthday dates with someone in our family....Callahan was born on my grandmother's 80th birthday, Drew was born on my dad's birthday, Addi and Elli both were born on the 3rd of the month, and Bryna and Cal both were born on the 28th of the month!
Fact #13....I was an only child growing up and always wanted a sibling. Due to my mom's health, she couldn't have anymore babies; and although my parents tried to adopt....it just wasn't part of what God had planned. Did being an only child make me want to have a lot of children? No, it didnt'. I actually enjoyed being an only child. Becoming a mother, for the first time, is what made me want to have a lot of children....seeing NPayne as a father made me want to have a lot of children....seeing our relationship grow made me want to have a lot of children....the pure joy I receive from motherhood and my children made me want to have a lot of children.
Fact #14....NPayne and I were married for several years before we ventured into parenthood, so I was 30 years old when my first baby was born. I don't wish I had started earlier, since I so enjoyed our time being married without children....of course now that time is a vague recollection....and I can't imagine our lives without our babes. But I do wish I had had twins or had my children closer together; so I could have had a few more!
Fact #15....NPayne has always and still does, if needed, gotten up during the night with the kids. He has always changed diapers. He has always been perfectly comfortable taking all 5 of them with him anywhere all by himself. He can get them all up and out the door for church all by himself. He makes Cal's lunch and is in charge of Cal's backpack every single day of the school year. He cleans up all regurgitation in our house! NPayne gets the 3 older ones up in the morning for school. He takes them to school on his way to work. He oftentimes lets me sleep in on the weekends. NPAYNE IS THE BOMB....ladies and gentlemen....and that's a FACT!!!


FXSmom said...

i think that the breast pump is just another invention created by a man...right up there with panty hose, mammagrams and pap smears

Following Him said...

I LOVED this post...something abt knowing more abt your family enlightens me! So cool! & yes I finally got around to reading it :)