Thursday, June 18, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame.....

Okay so last night, NPayne and I had date night....his sister, Melinda, has season tickets to The Ballpark to see "YOUR TEXAS RANGERS" that's how Chuck Morgan announces them, and I LOVE IT....anyhoo she offered us her tickets complete with parking pass for last night's game....we gladly rounded up a sitter (grandma) and accepted her generous anniversary gift....thanks Mel and grandma! As it turns out, not only was it free totebag night but it was Decker Dog night as well.....heaven help me, could it get any better? I seriously could eat my weight....which is more than I care to share and frankly none of your grilled hotdogs piled high with grilled onions and lots of mustard; but at $4.50 a pop.....I only had one! If you want a plain ole dog which you can doctor up yourself, it is one buckaroo; but those are not NEARLY as tasty as the grilled dogs with grilled onions.....I know that for a fact, because I saw NPayne's measly $1 hotdog; and there was no comparison to my $4.50 hotdog.....ABSOLUTELY NONE! On top of the glorious hotdog experience, there were many other things that I am quite certain you could only experience at a professional baseball venue.....
-A person dressed up like a horse as The Rangers' mascot and a person dressed up like a rabbit as The Houston Astros mascot....Horse/Ranger....I can sort of see the correlation; Rabbit/Astro....I just don't get do you derive rabbit from Astro?
-Jarrod Saltalamacchia (try saying that 10 times fast), The Rangers' catcher, swinging his bat so hard on the third strike that he literally lunged it flailing widly into the crowd.....fortunately nobody was hit by the flailing bat; but it did cause me to yell out in a slight panic "HOT DOG!" I guess because I had those delicous hotdogs on the brain.
-A fellow Rangers' fan sporting a black tummy slimmer aparatus that she chose to wear on the outside of her white outfit....a BLACK tummy slimmer aparatus is quite apparent when worn on the outside of WHITE clothes! I applauded her for trying to slim her tummy(silently applauded of course) while I gorged on my delicious decker dog....I'll pass on the tummy slimmer aparatus!
-A very young boy (I'm talking like 5/6 years old), sitting directly behind NPayne, who knew everything about every single Rangers' player. It was quite impressive how he would say,"So if Kinsler hits a double, we will definitely go ahead by 2; and since he is batting (interject Kinsler's batting average which I clearly do not know HERE) it is completely possible for him to hit a double!"
-A young adult male sporting a Sponge Bob costume and a cowboy hat who incessantly tried to get "The Wave" going only to fail every time. The wave did come by, but it wasn't his doing! I just kept thinking to myself....I wonder wat made him think wearing a Sponge Bob costume was a good idea???
-The the young boy who was so knowledgable (how do you spell knowledgeable?) and who was sitting directly behind NPayne....who said to his young son while discreetly nodding towards persaid young adult male sporting a Sponge Bob costume and cowboy hat who incessantly tried to get "The Wave" going..."Son, DON'T BE THAT GUY!" This actually caused a little giggle to erupt out of my mouth....especially when NPayne agreed with...."NO KIDDING!"
-An irrate fan who was ejected from The Ballpark for attempting to start a fight with another fan who was holding a baby....HELLO....He's holding a baby.....DUDE, get a life! I'm hoping the irrate fan was rooting for the Astros and not giving "YOUR TEXAS RANGERS" fans a bad name! He yelled profanities on his way up the bleachers and out of The Ballpark....real classy guy he was!
-The excitement of fans who appeared on the JUMBO TRON under the title "KISS CAM"! Boy I wanted them to point that camera my direction, so I could lay one on my husband on the JUMBO TRON; and I was a little disappointed when they didn't :(! Oh well, I laid one on him anyway!)
-The young girls, who are sporting high heels and mini skirts, at THE BALLPARK? Hmmmm....I am led to believe that they are not there to actually watch the game but maybe watch the gazillion guys that flock to The Ballpark!
-The elderly couple.....who sat directly in front on NPayne and myself.....consume at least 7 beers a piece at $6.75 a pop! Good night nurse, you could have had a great steak dinner (not that I'm a big steak eater, but I could have had a great salmon dinner) for that amount of money. By the way, they didn't even stumble when they got up to leave.....something tells me partaking in that much beer is a regular occurence for them.
-The foul ball that came right at us, only to be caught by the man sitting directly behind and one person over from me. Fortunately he was wearing a glove, or that catch would have hurt.....this I know to be true as NPayne caught a line drive foul ball one time....with his bare hand, I might add (What a man, huh?)....only to have his hand swell and hurt for a good solid week after that. My husband is tough as nails....well sort of. I, myself, am NOT a fan of foul balls and don't even attempt to catch them....I usually run for cover and fear for my life, I mean my teeth!
-I am also prone to think that The Ballpark may be the only professional sporting venue where you can hear snippets from Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr., The Cotton Eyed Joe (which by the way I can clog to, did I ever mention I was a clogger?),and Deep in the Heart of Texas!
-I undoubtedly got choked up when Pudge (Ivan Rodriguez), catcher for the Astros, broke the record for catching the most games in a career; because I'm a huge PUDGE fan. He started out as a Ranger when he was quite a young lad, caught Nolan Ryan's big record breaking games, and then broke the "Caught Most Games In A Career" record....that's the unofficial title of that record, because I really don't know what the title for that record breaking event would be.

All in all, it was a great time. Although it was 90 degrees, it was nice and breezy! We were at The Ballpark watching "Your Texas Rangers", eating delicious decker dogs....The Rangers weren't eating delicious decker dogs, I was....and we were together! Thanks Mel, what a great anniversary gift!

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whimzie said...

That sounds like a wonderful gift!

I've been to a few Astros game and wondered the same thing about that rabbit. It didn't stop me from getting my picture taken with it though.

And now you have me jonesing for a ballpark hot dog!