Friday, June 19, 2009

Her Career Has Been Determined!

I have officially decided.... ....that this cute little girl has a definite future career in anything that calls for her to speak Spanish! I mean really she is truly a gifted genius! Does she actually speak Spanish? Well not officially YET....she is only 2....but she has all the makings! As a former Spanish teacher (it was one year, and NO I am by no means fluent), I do remember a few rules of speaking Spanish.....spanish is completely phonetic....once you know the sounds the letters make, you can sound out anything....SERIOUSLY! When using adjectives.....they come after the noun, pronoun, etc. which they are describing.....Mi casa azul es grande which means My blue house is big! This is where Elliot's talent has emerged.....I mean really get a load of this....she already naturally says her adjectives after the noun, pronoun, etc. it's describing.....GENIUS, I tell you! Pure genius! Why just this morning, she asked me if she could wear her "necklace horsey" which means her horsey necklace. Then the extremely gifted child asked if she could wear her "shoes brown" which obviously means her brown shoes. Then she wanted to wear her "dress pretty"....see what I mean? Truly gifted she is! Oh hold on a minute, wait just one second, she just came in and said "I AM SO FUNNY!" Hmmmm....that is correct English and Spanish form....what do you think that means? I better go comb her "hair curly" before she blows my genius theory right out of the water!

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