Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School 2009!!!

As promised, my 2nd post for today; because well....I am....ahem LOYAL and SOLID as determined by the personality test I took at work today. More to come on that later!!!
So here are the "It's my first day of school, and I can't wait to go" pictures!!!
Bryna Mae who started kindergarten!!!!
Conversation when I picked her up went something like this.....
Me: How was your first day of kindergarten?
B: It was great! We did everything!
Me: Did you give Mrs. Step a hug?
B: Yes, and she gave hugs back!
But....there was one little girl, Elizabeth, and she was bad!
She almost got a color change!
Me: Oh B....let's not call anyone "bad".
Maybe she was making some bad choices, because she was nervous or not sure of the school expectations yet.
B: Okay mom..... I made a friend!
Me: You did (very excitedly)? Who?
Me: Argh!!!!! (under my breath)
B: I also made a new friend who was a boy and his name starts with an S, he's very nice!
Me: Well good!! Just remember to be kind and be a nice friend! (in hopes that it will rub off on Elizabeth and not visa versa)!
B: Okay mom!
Drew who is in 3rd grade. Our conversation went something like this....
Me: Hi Drew, how was your first day of 3rd grade?
Drew: Great!! I made a new friend named Leah!
Me: Is she in your class?
Drew: No she's in Mrs. Hall's class, but at recess; Mrs. Foster brought her over to
us and said...."You are some of the nicest girls I know, would you show Leah some fun stuff to do at recess?"
Me: You're are always good at being kind and including everyone!
Drew: Oh and Mrs. Foster told us that there's one thing we need to know about her....she loves to sing, so when she called my group to the table....she sang it....."Group 1 come to the table"(in a singing voice)!
Callahan going to 5th grade!!!! Our conversation went something like this.....
Me: Cal did you have a nice first day in 5th grade?
Cal: Yes mom
Me: Did you see your friends?
Cal: Yes mom
Me: Did you like your teacher?
Cal: Yes mom
Well I guess you can figure out how the rest of our conversation went, so I'll end it there!
By the way, excuse that ugly blue tape that it's at the bottom of my very rustic and distressed front door.....that was our make shift way of insulating the front door until NPayne can get to the weather stripping!!!! He's handy like that you know!
This is the three of them and NPayne driving to school.....wait a minute.....aren't you missing one? Perhaps an adorable 7th grader????
Oh you mean her???? Well yes, I was missing one in the car this morning as I waved farewell to my buttercups!!!! Remember my previous post about the crazy, chaotic, unexpected turn of events from yesterday? Well she has a lot to do with well as....
....her ankle....and the terrible fall she had last night while at her youth back to school swimming party!!!! So due to that injury, she did not make it to her first day of 7th grade today but instead spent her morning being xrayed, elevated, iced, etc. Fortunately she does NOT have a broken ankle, but she does have a severe sprain.....complete with swelling and a whole lot of pain!!! Crutches will be coming later today, and thank goodness her middle school has an elevator; since some of her classes are on the 2nd floor this year!!!! I'm hoping her first day of school will be tomorrow, but we'll have to wait and see!!!

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Alicia said...

That was so cute! Girls are so funny and always have something to say! Boys are just to the point! LOL!

I hope your daughters ankle heals quickly!