Sunday, August 16, 2009


For day three of our Staycation, let's play a little guessing game to start. I'll give you some clues, and you guess where we went. Let's start with this picture of Callahan......doesn't he look excited (wink wink)? Really he was! Where do you think we were? Anyone? Anyone??
Another picture clue....good guess, but No we didn't ride this train.
Cal sure enjoyed looking at it though.

You're getting warmer....
Another clue? Okay....remember how much this little boy LOVES certain modes of transportation? you're really warm....
GOOD JOB!!!! You guessed it!!!! We rode the train!
We didn't ride the touristy type of train that I talked about in this post!
But instead we rode the commuter train....from one city to downtown of another!
Elliot really enjoyed it. This was her first, but definitely not her last, train ride!
Looking out the window.....they couldn't believe how fast we were going!
How fast do you think we were going?
89 MPH....that's how fast we were going!
The big girls and I played cards on the train.....Spoons anyone?
Then we got off the train to catch a connecting train!!!
While NPayne was doing this....
....we were doing this.....
....and this....
....and then we went inside the train station and did a little of this....
Who were they calling? I don't know....maybe each other??? Maybe NPayne....Dad, did you get the tickets yet?
Then we got off the train, walked for a while, got really really hot, and decided to go in here!!!
We enjoyed some cool drinks, lots of yummy appetizers all to the tune of some rockin' 80's music!! I was singing and eating.....doesn't get much better than that!
Flauta anyone???
How about some chips and salsa? Anyone?
Then cutie patootie started to get a little restless, so after we finished our meal.....she and I waited outside while NPayne and the others paid the bill.
While we were waiting for them to come outside, she and I were shakin' our groove thing to some Michael Jackson and Thriller.....
....then we were Walking Like An Egyptian!!
On the way back to the train station, we made another pit stop.....
Wanna guess where? Need a clue? Okay....'re brilliant! We stopped at our local western see where we live, we have many local western stores!!! This one was called Wild Bill's! I found the boots of my dreams....and they were only $499....ahem....NPayne....what do you think? That's what I think too, so there the boots of my dreams remain!
NPayne didn't buy this hat....he just tried it on for the pure entertaiment of our children. He does make a pretty handsome cowboy, don't ya think?
However we didn't all walk away empty handed! Drew bought this cute little sings Crazy 4 You by Patsy Cline, so guess what she named the pony? WOW you're more brilliant than I thought.....yes she named it Patsy!
B bought herself an armadillo.....why you may ask did she choose an armadillo? I'm afraid I'm still asking myself that same question....anyhoo....she named hers Dillon!
Elliot didn't buy herself anything, but we bought her this cute little sparkly pink pony. Guess what she named it???? appropriate!
We finished off the day with a train ride home and some really happy children....especially a really happy little boy!

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