Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've Been Thinking.....About....

New things to create!
Improvements I want to do to our house!
How glad I am that we are getting rid of so much stuff!
How much stuff I still need to go out the wazoo!
How I wish I could have an entire weekend with nothing to do!
That I want to be at the beach!
How my hair got so light this summer!
That I need to start preparing for the 5K!
That I am going to have to buy some real running shoes....not cheap Target tennis shoes!
How much I look forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving but not to Christmas!
I'm ready for some FOOTBALL! Hook 'Em!
I'm looking forward to some girlfriend time at Women of Faith!
My sweet Addi Jo who is at church camp!
How blessed I am!
That school and busyiness is about to start again....where did our summer go?
How I am NOT a fan of busyness!
My handsome husband!
How much I enjoyed NPayne's and my date with Bryna Mae!
How much I am looking forward to NPayne's and my date with Drew!
That I want to take a shopping trip to IKEA!
How we are going to get Cal to wear his new shoes!
That Elliot is almost 3!
What we are going to do to celebrate her 3rd year!
That Bryna is almost 6 and is starting Kindergarten!
What we are going to do to celebrate her 6th year!
Why people make the choices they do!
Why people complain so much!
How I really want a new computer....don't need but want!
My handsome husband....did I already mention him?
All of the poor but happy children in Africa, because they don't know any different!
That I want to set a good example!
Why children have to die!
How grateful I am!
My handsome husband.....and how long it's been since we've been on a date ALONE!
That I really want to get my business going again!
How much I love creating new stuff!
What wonderful friends and family I have!
How much Jesus loves me....WOW!
What God is calling me to do!

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Alicia said...

Boy, you've got a lot on your mind and on your plate, my friend!!!