Monday, August 24, 2009

It Was The Day Before Kindergarten....and all through the church....

Okay so let me start this post by saying.....I did not get to post yesterday due to a crazy, chaotic, busy, unexpected turn of events!!! Sorry to those who were expecting me to stay true to my promise to post every day! So with that being said, I'm a day behind....maybe 2 posts today....hmmm....we'll see!!!
Bryna Mae started kindergarten today....yes siree Bob she did, and I can't believe it! I just can't....I refuse....I won't do it....what? She has already gone one day? Well okay, I guess I'll have to adjust; but I'm dragging my feet every step of the way! So yesterday, at church, we have this wonderful event called Kindergarten Dedication!!! Our children's pastor, Mr. Nathan, and our senior pastor, Ken, say a prayer over each child who is entering kindergarten. Then Ken says a prayer for all of us parents, who are dragging their feet, encouraging and praying for them to have a great year!!
Prior to the actual dedication which is held during the church service, we host a brunch for all of the kindergartners and their families. At the brunch, each child gets to choose a you can see, B chose The Kissing Hand. I LOVE this book with all of my heart, and B does too. She definitely took my kiss to school with her today, and I took hers with me to work. They also make a card to take to their teacher for the first day of school!!! It's simply a fabulous morning!!
Here is B sitting in the pew waiting for the service to begin. What's that she's holding you might ask???? Well it's a sweet little willow tree angel that my best gal pal, Cynthia, gave her for such a grand day in the life of my precious girl.

Loving on my girl at the brunch!!!
Posing with her knight in shining armor....her daddy!!
I can't believe 4 of my 5 children are old enough to attend school.....where does the time go? In 3 years, when Elliot starts kindergarten, I'm going to need some serious hand holding and maybe a good stiff drink....even though I don't drink good stiff drinks!!!

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