Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rise and Shine

Each morning, I go in and wake Elliot up.....
I know....I know....I am so fortunate to have to wake my toddler up
and not to have her waking me up!!!
And yes my almost 3 year old still sleeps in her crib.....she sleeps so fabulously well in her crib still, and she's not yet too big for it, and she has never tried to climb out of it....hence the reason I have to wake her up....AND hence the reason she still sleeps in her crib!!!
Unfortunately or fortunately.....depending on who you're asking.....we will start to put her in her big bed soon, BUT as I said.....she sleeps so well at night and during nap in her crib that we are not rushing that. Back on task to the topic at hand.....each morning I go in and wake her up with a singing voice....I sing a multitude of different songs to her, but these are a few of her favorites!!!! So go ahead and get your singing voices on and sing with me, or you can hum if you're not comfortable with singing to your computer!!! we go!!!!
Good Morning..... Good Morning....
It's going to be a great day!!!
Good Morning.....Good Morning To YOU!!!
And one of her other favorites.....again get your singing voices ready!!!!!
Rise and shine and....give God the glory glory!
Rise and shine and....give God the glory glory!
Rise and shine and....
Give God the glory glory....
Children of the Lord!!!

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