Friday, August 28, 2009


I've decided....although I really don't like it....that life can be hard....really hard....sometimes a lot harder than other times....and sometimes a lot harder for some people than others....but nonetheless it can be hard!
I've been praying for a friend who just went through a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy.
I've been praying for a little boy, who was in my class last year and that I simply ADORE, and his family. Both of his parents are in very poor health.
I've been praying for my friends and myself who have children starting a new school year and who are or whose children are having a difficult time.
I've been praying a prayer of thanks for finding the little girl who was lost yesterday for 40 minutes while we searched frantically for her.
I've just started praying for a good friend of mine's sweet young teenage nephew who was burned all over his body by an exploding rocket.....I just got off the phone with her, and thank GOD he can still hear and see; but the burns are serious....he's in critical condition. He and his friend's daughter were helpers to my son, Cal, during our VBS year before last; and he is an awesome kid!
I've been praying for our friends who moved to a small community this summer.
I've been praying for 5 year old Kate McRae who has a brain tumor.
I've been praying for my friend Leslie who is still recovering from a stroke and grieving for the loss of her sons!
I've been praying for my friend, Donna, whose son was lost in Iraq.
I've been praying for my friend, Lisa's brother, who is in Afghanistan.
I've been praying for my friend who so desperately wants another child.
I've been praying for my mother. I've been praying for my cousin who is an alcoholic.
I've been praying prayers of thanksgiving and praise.
I've been praying.....
And I'll keep praying.....
Although the decisions may have been made....whether favorable or not in our eyes....God uses all things for good and to strengthen us. I do truly believe that with all my heart, and I have witnessed it through many that I've been praying for.

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The Blankenship Family said...

Thanks for the prayers, Lorie! They really do matter - to God and to us!!!