Saturday, August 15, 2009


For Day Two of the Staycation....we went to the lake and stayed in "our" cabin! Okay well it's really not "our" cabin, but that's what Cal calls it; and we are the most frequent visitors it if the shoe cabin fits! The cabin belongs to our dear friends....Leslie, Jeff and Beau! It's really small, but there are plenty of beds to accomodate us all. Addi and Cal sleep together. Drew and Bryna sleep together. NPayne sleeps on the couch, and Elliot and I sleep together. Just a little side case you ever wonder why I'm so tired after we go to the lake or in case you ever sleep with Elliot....which you probably won't, BUT takes Elli a long time to settle down if she sleeps with someone, because.....well frankly.....she never sleeps with anyone. So while she's tossing and turning and wiggling and giggling, I often will turn to her in the pitch black darkness to say "GO TO SLEEP!" and I am always greeted by her glowing white toothy grin and bright wide open eyes..... .....just like this!
There's me, or should I say, my reflection!
A little sidewalk painting! Many masterpieces were created!
A little egg gathering.....
My girls....especially my granola girl Drew....thought this was the BOMB!

Feeding Crystal Unicorn Rainbow....their calf! Hmmmmm I wonder who named her?
Their new baby pot belly pig named Oinkle.....
Why did the pig cross the road?
To visit his Oinkle!
There ya go!
Listening to Jeff's band rehearse!
A little fishing....NPayne caught a 23 1/2 inch bass, and his day was quite a happy one!
Addi Jo enjoyed vegging out and reading....mainly cookbooks! Did I ever mention that my 12 year old girl loves to cook? She does and does it quite well....I might add. I think she may have some new recipes to try.

Staycation Day Two was a fun one! We finished off with a movie and dinner out with our friends....then we trucked it on home for our Day Three Adventure!!!! Stay Tuned!

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