Monday, August 17, 2009


Staycation - Day Four involved camping with A LOT of friends! We went to a Father/Child campout hosted by our church! Moms were invited out to eat grilled hotdogs and watch fireworks, but only dads actually camped; since it was a FATHER/CHILD campout and all. By the way, my hotdog came complete with grilled onions....since NPayne was in charge of the food....he's so good to me!!
Did I mention they were camping on the lake?

Herds of people getting ready for their grilled hotdog, hot link, or hot braut!
You will notice that the only child, of mine, in any of these pictures is Elli! That is because....well honestly....I couldn't get the other 4 to slow down long enough for me to take their picture! They were here, there and everywhere!
Oh wait a minute....there is another one of my children. Bryna Mae is on the end there looking a little like she's already camped out and enjoying a hotdog!
As the sun set, some of the kids were flying a kite. Elliot sat down with her buddies Eli and Bowe....who happen to be take in the kite flying scenery.
We ended Day Four with fireworks.....the light up the sky well as the little flirty kind that were occuring between my 2 year old and her "Bowe"!

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