Monday, January 10, 2011


Things that have or do make me cry...
The video of Johnny Cash singing "Hurt"!
Reunions between service men/women and their families.
Singing in church!
Elliot asking me if Baby Maggie can play in her dollhouse with her when she gets bigger.
Watching babies be baptized.
Cal sitting in church and taking communion for the first time.
When my friends cry.
Realizing how fast my children are growing, and that I won't have a baby in my house anymore.
Thinking about the last time my dad looked me in the eye and how his face looked.
Cleaning out my grandmother's house....knowing I would never go back there again.
When my friends have babies.
Reading "The Shack" and "The Poisonwood Bible".
The suffering that some people I love have gone through, and their faith that holds them together.
When my dog, Willie, died.
Reading "The Hole In Our Gospel"!
Watching Steel Magnolias.
Listening to my girls sing in the church choir.
Reading Kisses From Katie's blog.
When my littles hug me so tight.
Cal telling me "I LOVE YOU MOM!"
Knowing that Jesus died for me, forgive me, and wants me to be in relationship with HIM!

And those are just to name a few!

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Following HIM said...

Cal truly amazes me! I am so, so proud of all of his accomplishments.