Friday, January 21, 2011


Yesterday was NPayne's birthday, but we celebrated it today. In honor of my husband's day late birthday celebration, I wanted to share some things about him....things that make him who he is!

He loves unconditionally.
He never knew his dad, he died when he was a baby.
He grew up in a house full of estrogen....2 sisters, 2 female cousins, a grandmother, an aunt, and a mother.
He worked in high school....not to pay for gas, dates, clothes....but to help pay the water bill, electric bill, and buy food.
He is a talented musician.
He is super duper smart about lots of things.
He is quite handy.....he wasn't always....but he watched, learned and listened a lot from my dad when he was alive. Now he is quite handy.
He thinks I'm beautiful.
He is not a planner, and he is not organized.
He is a last minute kinda man, and he flies by the seat of his pants.
He is a do it yourselfer.
He sacrifices most of his wants for his kids' wants and needs.
He loves to play guitar.
He works harder than about anyone I know.
He has a huge heart for serving others.
He is a romantic and quite a gentleman.
He is the best daddy to our special needs son than I could have ever hoped for.
He doesn't hold grudges.
He forgives.
He is a fantastic dancer.
He makes me laugh all the time.
He adores his girls, and he loves to sing them Stevie Wonder songs at night.
He will cry at each of his kids' weddings.
He is 3 years younger than I.
He is the only person I've ever been truly in love with.
He has a strong faith and reliance on God.
He doesn't complain.
He didn't get to go to college but would like to go now.
He is pretty easy to convince when I really want something. ;)
He is my rock.
He keeps me grounded.
He is the love of my life!
He is the most wonderful, kind, loving, rational, reasonable, honest, giving father I know.

Happy Birthday NPayne....even though it's a day know I love to celebrate birthdays all month long! I adore you!

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Alicia said...

This was so sweet to read!!! Happy Birthday to your hubby!