Saturday, January 8, 2011

God Grant Me Patience

It's a new year and a new day.....I have vowed to put my worries behind me at least for this weekend. ;) I do believe that God answers all prayers....sometimes yes....sometimes no....sometimes we won't know His answer until we get to Heaven. Once we get to Heaven, will we even wonder the answer; or will we be in such a state of bliss that those earthly worries won't matter? I can only imagine! The other day was the 2 year anniversary of my lifelong friend, Leslie's stroke, it was on that same day that she lost her second son during childbirth. Her faith is so very strong and honestly it sustains me sometimes when mine is wavering. This is what she said on Jan. 5th 2011....
"Shiloh Ross Power - sometimes it's just sweet to hear your name! resting in the promise I will get to hold you for eternity! big kiss...momma!"
My faith is strong, it's my patience that's wavering.

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