Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moo Moved

Drum Roll mom has officially moved right down the street! YEA! NPayne has been killing himself moving all her heavy stuff, but it's almost all moved. He's tired, cranky, and sore; but....he's mine! ;) Besides a lot of junk to sort through and unpack, a few other things she needs, and settling some financial disagreements with the plumber who completely overcharged her....she's there and happy. By the way, why can't folks just do honest work and not try to take advantage of people? Seriously......that is on my last nerve! Back to topic at hand, the kids are thrilled to have Moo (my mom) so close. They will be heading over there tonight to say hello, give a hug, and help out.
Of course I still would like to move too....I'm tired of city living! SIGH!

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Mom2three said...

How wonderful that she is finally moved. I know you talked about this before and thankful that all has worked out. My husband works in a dealership and always tries to put either a husband, father, or some male figure on the paperwork - just to protect the ladies coming in. For some reason, the mechanics seem to take less liberties/advantages with repairs when there is a guys name on the slip. Really sad.