Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Confirm or Wait

I have a dilemma....not a real earth shattering dilemma....but a dilemma nonetheless. Callahan, my son, seen in previous post is in 6th grade. If any of you have children who have gone through confirmation, you know....6th grade is the typical year kids become confirmed in Christ. I bet you can figure out what my dilemma is....can't ya? My sweet special needs boy....going through confirmation....and all that entails. Is that possible? Honestly I don't know. I am not sure what Cal really understands about Jesus, The Holy Trinity, The Cross, ETC., ETC., ETC. Of course I find many times that I don't really understand it all either, but I digress. Anyway....NPayne and I are on the fence....we aren't sure if we should go ahead and let Cal go through 6 weeks of confirmation or wait until he's a little older. Will he understand it in a few years any better than he does today? What does he need to really understand to be considered confirmed? I know that the end result is that the child being confirmed fully accepts Jesus Christ in his/her life. Does Cal get that? Will he? Has he already? Sometimes I wonder, because he seems to have a supernatural connection to many things....including Jesus....that most "typical" people don't. Maybe because they ignore it, don't have time for it, just don't listen, are scared of it....I don't know. But Cal in his very simple and very complex mind seem to relate to so many simple yet complex things much easier than typical folks do. Maybe because he doesn't question or over analyze, he just listens. So sits my dilemma....should he or shouldn't he? Mainly he needs to know who Jesus is, what He did, and how much He loves Cal. I don't know if Cal already knows this, has no clue, will ever have a clue, will get it someday....I'M SO CONFUSED!
I do believe that Cal was fearfull and wonderfully made Psalm 139:14. I know that he was made in God's own image....Genesis 1:27...
So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.
I know that Cal was made perfect. I know that he will go to heaven....whether he understands or doesn't the sacrifice and love Christ gives us. I fully believe this with all of my heart.....thanks to God's grace. As for my still remains....I'll keep you posted.

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