Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolution 2011

It's A New Year!
I am not a resolution maker....honestly I just don't like to put that kind of pressure on myself....however; this year, I am going to make a general resolution! Besides the normal daily resolution, that I try to live by, which is treasure the little things....enjoy the day; I have decided that I want to see some major stuff done to our house. Our house is older than dirt....well actually it's not....but it's close at the ripe old age of 103! Over the past year, we have simplified a lot and gotten rid of a lot and I want that to continue. I also want to show some respect to our house by finishing up many unfinished projects and rooms. With NPayne working and our financial status being that of paycheck to paycheck, that won't be easy; but I think if we focus and budget....we can get some stuff done! The upstairs bathroom and closets are first....then I'll be ready to tackle the downstairs bathroom and KITCHEN....ahem....excuse me while I jump up and down in celebration. Then refinishing the woodwork, painting anything that needs to be painted and finally refinishing the floors. The outside will get a little TLC too....mainly a new fence but possibly a little paint. Eventually NPayne will build us a master bathroom....the day that heart will skip a beat with joy! I'm not resolving that all of these things will get accomplished in a year's time, but we are going to put forth some effort and get as many done as possible! We are blessed to have such a big old house to comfortably house all 11 of us (5 kids, 2 adults, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a fish), and I feel like we should definitely show it some love!
Happy New Year! Look forward to what's to come, don't dwell on what's passed you by; and live in the present!

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