Sunday, April 19, 2009


Guess what happened to this precious child today? After weeks and weeks of classes, she was confirmed.
Here is Addi with some of her friends, on the front pew, waiting for the service to begin. There were 33 confirmands today....WOW!

The confirmands all knealt down and waited for Jenny (our youth pastor) to present them for confirmation and Pastor Ken to come and pray over them. When it was their turn, their parents, Pastor Ken and Pastor Rick all laid hands on them while he prayed. There were 5 of the confirmands who were also baptized. Addi had already been baptized, so she was not baptized.

By this point, I was thinking that I actually may make it through the service without crying; BUT I was so very wrong. By the time Jenny announced Addi's name for confirmation, I saw that Jenny was crying.....still I was able to hold it together fairly well UNTIL I saw Ken's and Rick's hands resting on her head to pray over her. When I saw how gentle these hands were, and I saw Rick's great big hands so gently touch her hair....I LOST IT! (Rick is what I like to refer to as a giant teddy bear...he is a big man with an equally big heart). He has told me before that he thinks Addi will go into seminary, because of her gentle, caring and generous spirit. When I cried, it wasn't the gently wipe away a tear and keep composed cry....OH NO....I did the whole snort, wipe, deep breath, snort again, swallow hard, very ugly face cry....fortunately our backs were to the congregation; although I'm certain that most of the chancel choir saw my very frightening attempt to not lose all control.
After they received the prayer and blessing, all of the confirmands faced the congregation to be welcomed into the church as "official" members. By this time, I had regrouped; but it WAS NOT easy! I am NOT a pretty all!

Here is The Payne Train, trying to get a family photo, but it was just plain not happening very well. I thought this picture was funny and typical of how our family usually rolls.

Both of Addi's grandmothers were there and my cousin Susan was there. Then of course there's Bryna (yes she is wearing the hat from "THE BOX"....see previous post), Drew and Addi.

NPayne and Addi. She asked him to wear a tie to church, floral no doubt, and he happily obliged. She wanted us all dressed in flowers. Cal doesn't have anything floral, so we went with spring colors.
My best friend, Cynthia (who I never stand by in pictures, because she's GORGEOUS and thin...but I'm not vain....maybe insecure....but not vain). Addi was standing on her tip toes, because she wanted to be taller than us....she almost is taller on her flat feet.
Aunt Melinda, NPayne's sister, Addi and Melinda's beau....Matt. We sure hope they get married girls are dying to be flower girls (wink).
Here is Reverand Nathan, our children's pastor, who taught Addi so much about Jesus, The Bible, and what it means to be Christian. Jenny, our youth pastor, who has embraced Addi this year and has supported her throughout her transition from child to youth. Jenny led the confirmation classes. We love them both.
Clara and Addi....they have known each other since birth. Before the service, the confirmands and their families were honored with a brunch; and we brunched with Clara and her family.

Each confirmand wrote their own proclomation of faith. This was sitting on the brunch table, and then it appeared on the big screen during the service as that particular child was being confirmed. It was really amazing to read these wonderful proclomations from each of these children of God.
I gave Addi this necklace before church, it says "CONFIRMED"! When I looked up confirmed in the dictionary, these were 2 of the definitions....

made certain as to truth, accuracy, validity, availability
firmly established in a habit or condition
PRAISE GOD that all 33 of these children chose to be confirmed and some chose to be baptized! We, as their church family, and as their parents will continue to encourage, support, and teach them about The Bible and The Trinity. We pray that they will now take their faith, that they have been establishing, and grow in relationship with Jesus by their own choosing, teaching and learning. These children know that God loves them, they know the Jesus was a gift to them; and they know that the Holy Spirit resides within them! We can't wait to see them go out and shine the light of Christ to the world.

4 comments: said...

What a big day! And such a special one for your family and your whole church!

I desperately wish I were a pretty crier. I'm not. And I blotch...not pretty.

Gracie said...

What a special day! I am not a pretty crier either. I ALWAYS cry, at everything. Congratulations to your family.

Rick said...

A big teddy bear??

My wife says the description fits.

What a wonderful day for the Payne family, and for our church family!

lezleighk said...

Don't worry, you're not alone in the cryer dept...if you ever hear someone with wracking sobs in the 8:50 service, safely assume it's me. Hymns get me EVERY Sunday. On Easter, we went to the 7am service. The youth were leading of course, and they had a powerhouse voice leading singing, AMAZING voice. She lead us singing "God of Heaven and Earth" and my baby sang it at the top of his lungs, word for word, eyes closed, even LIFTED HIS HANDS a couple of times which I don't think I've done around him....I was standing there sobbing and snorting and trying to smile the whole while. Just confirmed we must be doing something right as parents, it was an amazing Easter gift but I looked a WRECK, ha ha...