Thursday, April 23, 2009

Date Day With Bryna Mae

Every Thursday, I have a date with Bryna Mae. I started this tradition with my first born, Addi Jo, the year before she entered kindergarten and have been able to continue on this tradition with each of my other children so far. The plan was that I would get to spend one afternoon per week with that one child for the entire school year prior to their kindergarten year. The child gets to choose what we do on date day but mainly it's about spending one on one quality time with that one child. Today, I surprised Bryna Mae, with a double date....and she was elated!

We went with our friends Ms. Kristi and Audrey for a picnic at the Gazebo in downtown! And if that wasn't exciting enough.....

We visited the Tea Room, which is set up just for little girls, and had cupcakes and tea!!

B and Audrey got to dress up....and they did several times!!!

Ms. Kristi even dressed up in a fancy tea hat and matching boa!!!!

And of course I chose a beautiful PINK hat, since pink is my favorite color!

Then the girls were treated to the real royal treatment....nails polished, makeup and glitter all over!!!

Mirror Mirror on the wall.....

Then came time for the best least the best part to me....cupcake of your choice....chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla with sprinkles and tea! And yes we had real sugar cubes and milk for our tea!!! It was quite scrumptuous!!!
And since I am frugal....all this for $8.95 made it even that much more enjoyable!
What a great way to spend a day with my princess!!

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Mom2three said...

what a lovely time and tradition you have with your children! I love the pictures and the joy and fun they show. They will treasure these times as they grow older - building memories, building relationships.