Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Day Full of Church Events.....

Today was a day full of church....which is a great thing! We normally attend the 9:00 service, but today Addi Jo was being confirmed which was taking place at the 11:15 service. HOWEVER....during the 9:00 service and only the 9:00 service, Pastor Ken leads the children's message which calls for child participation. Each week, he gives "THE BOX" to a child who then takes it home and puts something in it. They bring it back the following Sunday to the 9:00 service where he will then open "THE BOX" and see what's in it for the very first time. Pastor Ken, then does something really cool and quite frankly very impressive....he relates whatever is in the box....that he has seen just seconds before for the first God! It's actually really fascinating and sometimes quite hilarious as well. Well....last week, Bryna Mae got "THE BOX"; so instead of making her miss her chance to bring it back (since we were going to attend the 11:15 service to see Addi Jo be confirmed), I decided that I would take her to 9:00 and go to 11:15 as well. So that's exactly what we did.... Here is "THE BOX"! You can see that each child who has received it adds a little decoration to it.
Here is the lid to "THE BOX"!

Bryna Mae chose to put this hat in "THE BOX"!

Here she is modeling persay hat....

This is what Ken said, in my summary, when he opened "THE BOX" today.....There's a lovely hat in "THE BOX". Is it your Easter hat? B shakes her head no....then he sees the flower on the hat and begins talking about how a flower starts out as a little bud, then it will bloom into a beautiful flower, then eventually it will fade away and die....isn't that true? Then he explains to the children that God's love never fades away and dies, He loves us every single second of every single day as much as he did when he planned our matter what we matter who we become....HE LOVES US!

Good going Ken....another great mini message from "THE BOX" !

More posts about our day at church coming soon.....

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